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 Several years ago I raised a puppy for the Guide Dog Foundation.  She went for training and came back to us after two months because she loved to sniff and wouldn't make a good guide dog.  She could no longer go everywhere with me and had to stay home while I worked. So we went to the Cortland SPCA and adopted Lucy.  Lucy and Jaimie kept each other company during the day,but there were often events that kept me away from home in the evening.  Fortunately, in the town where I was living I found Doggie Day Care.  It was such a relief to leave the girls there when I needed to and know that they would be cared for, have fun and come home exhausted not caringthat I had to leave them again.  After moving to Elmira we missed Doggie Day Care and "Mama" Lisa. I dreamed that some day I could bring the same level of Doggie Day Care that we had left behind to the Corning/Elmira area.  In fact whenever I needed to board the girls I would drive an hour northeast even if I was going to Buffalo just so I was confident that they would be well cared for.  So here is Happy Tails.  Our goal is to give your dogs a fun, caring, and happy place to spend the day or an overnight or a week.  I promise to give you and your pets the same level of service that I have come to expect for my animals.  It may cost a little more.  How do you value your pets happiness when they are not with you?  That's why we chose the motto: "Happy Pets Have Happy Tails".

Jack Cat

 Happy Tails