We have forty-two suites for the dogs with tempered glass doors.  Boarding is offered seven days a week and will be a special time for your pet.  With radiant heat in the floor and air conditioning your pet's comfort is guaranteed year around.  All boarding dogs will have off-leash play time so we will need to meet your dog before we can make a reservation.  It's a good idea to plan ahead because it can take up to a week to schedule the meeting.   Please complete the off-leash application and call to schedule an appointment.

You are welcome to bring your pet's bed, toys, and anything else that you think will make them feel more at home.  Just like sending your child to camp it is a good idea to mark all of his/her belongings with your name.  We will send bowls, collars and leashes back home with you.

We request that you bring your pet's food so that they don't have any tummy upsets.  We do have Taste of the Wild dry food available for purchase if you forget.  While it is probably perfectly safe for your dog to have a rawhide at home under your supervision, we will not leave them in the room with your dog unattended.

We will administer medications for a small fee.  Prescriptions must be in the original bottle marked with what it is and  the medication schedule i.e. one capsule two times a day.  

If you are new to Happy Tails and would like to have your dog(s) come stay and play with us, follow the link to Gingr and complete the application.  Then give us a call to schedule an appointment to bring him/her for a visit.

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